Ancestral Territory

Ancestral Territory (The 100 Mile Square) The Territory of the Tribe consists of all ancestral lands recognized by the Indian Claims Commission in its July 29,1959, (7 Indian Claims Commission, 815-863 Appendices A & B pages 1-49) findings of fact and opinion in Docket No. 347, i.e., the 100-mile square as described in Docket No. Read More


(Hay-wee-see-daw-wee) Goose Lake and the surrounding country are the ancestral territory and home of the Hewisedawi people. Hewise means “Up Above” or “On Top” in their native language, Hewisedawi means “Those from On Top.” The people often refer to themselves as just Hewise (pronounced Hay~wee-see).For thousands of years, several Hewise villages were situated around the Read More


KPIX news report from Shasta County in north eastern California on June 5th 1970, where a PG&E employee’s holiday camp has been occupied by a group of Pit River Indians, who claim ownership of the land. A spokesman for the Indians explains: “It has always been their land. This claim is buttressed by the decision Read More