Tribal Secretary

The Secretary shall receive and, upon request of the Chairman, answer or attest to the authenticity of all correspondence for the Tribe and the Council, and shall keep and maintain files thereof, and shall verify enrollment of Tribal members to appropriate agencies as well as to maintain the base roll of the tribe and keep current the tribal membership roll.


Section 1. Membership Criteria. Membership in the Pit River Tribe (Ajumawi-Atsugewi Nation) shall be open to all persons who meet the following criteria:

a. He/She is at least 1/4 Pit River Indian blood and is not enrolled in any other federally recognized Tribe.

b. Any child born to enrolled members regardless of blood quantum and as long as he/she is not enrolled in any other federally recognized Tribe.

Section 2. Base Membership Roll.
There shall be a Base Membership Roll which shall consist of the persons who are deemed to have met the criteria set forth in Section 1 hereof by virtue of any one of the following:

a. He/She was accepted into Tribal membership under the Constitution adopted on August 16, 1964, or

b. He/She was listed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as eligible to register to vote in the election of the Constitution Drafting Committee held on December 10,1983, or

c. He/She is listed as a Pit River Indian on the 1928 Census roll and is at least 1/4 Indian blood or descendant thereof.

Section 3. Enrollment of Additional Members. All other persons who hereafter meet the criteria set forth in Section 1, and Section 2, shall be eligible to enroll for membership under an ordinance hereafter enacted by the Tribal Council.

Section 4. Revocation of Membership by Enrolled in another Federally Recognized Tribe. Membership in the Nation shall be automatically revoked upon a person’s enrolling as a member of any other federally recognized Indian Tribe. Any person whose membership is revoked for this reason may be reinstated as a member of the Pit River Tribe (Ajumawi-Atsugewi Nation) upon his/her submission of proof to the Tribal Council that he/she has withdrawn his/her enrollment in al other federally recognized Indian Tribes or, in the alternative, that he/she has taken all necessary and reasonable steps to effectuate a withdrawal of his/her enrollment in all other federally recognized Indian Tribes. (See Enrollment Application below)

Land Assignments

Section 3. The Tribal Council shall enact a tribal ordinance governing the use, assignment, permitting, lease or other disposition of lands, interests in lands and resources of the Tribe consistent with this Constitution and Federal law. (See Land Assignment Application below)