Tero Officer- $30 to $38k

Position Job Description: Tribal Employment Rights Officer

Department: Tribal Employments Rights Office/Administration

Reports To: Tribal Administrator-  

Status: Salary Exempt Fulltime Permanent

Annual Salary Range: $30,000 to 38,000 DOE


Indian Preference in accordance with the Indian Preference Act of 1934, application for this position must include verification of Indian blood, if Indian heritage is claimed.



The Pit River Tribe (PRT) job description is a management tool to help organize duties and provide employees with the employer’s expectations with regard to the specific job classification. The duties listed are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is a reasonable assignment for the position.


Summary: This position ensures that all tribal departments, programs, sub-entities, and their contractors comply with all applicable, Tribal, Federal, and State employment laws, including the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) and the Indian Preference Act. All projects; full construction, maintenance, or contracting, consultants are developed and planned through this position with the involvement of the Tribal Council and the Tribal Administrator. This position requires accounting, organizational, and budgetary skills, as well as communications with federal, state, and other government agencies, and proven negotiating skills. This position requires traveling throughout the 100 square mile service area.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Include the following because of the PRT’s commitment to community service and the well-being of its members, each employee may be expected to perform a wide range of office and field duties relating to the program requirements:


  • Ensures the proper forms are produced, maintained and distribution, and recording retention. Maintains documentation required to certify eligibility for employment under the provisions of the TERO and Indian Preference Act; certifies TERO/Indian preference eligibility for purposes of employment with the Pit River Tribe (PRT), its sub-entities, and TERO governed contractors; maintains a list of pre-qualified applicants, as well as TERO related employment applications.


  • Collaborates with Tribal managers, and supervisors to guide employee recruitment, application, interview, background check and selection process consistent with the TERO, Indian Preference Act and all applicable employment laws.


  • Assists TERO certified applicants and employees with filing complaints under the provisions of TERO; serves as the impartial agent responsible for investigating, researching, documenting and reporting any information required by the TERO commission within established timeframes.


  • Facilitates employment of TERO applicants and of employees as authorized by the Tribal Council and TERO Commission; Ex: by providing specialized clothing, footwear, gear, tools, or other resources needed for job performance.


  • Monitors hiring of personnel by the PRT, its sub-entities, and TERO governed contractors to ensure compliance with the TERO; prepares reports on the degree of compliance for the TERO commission.


  • Plans organizes, directs, coordinates, and reports on the activities of the PRT’s TERO office; trains, and supervises other subordinate staff that may be hired in activities related to clerical support required by the TERO office.


  • Attends meetings of the PRT Tribal Council and advises as necessary and appropriate regarding Tribal hiring practices in compliance with TERO/Indian Preference.


  • Shall be available for local and out of the area travel as required for job related training. Shall attend all required meetings and functions as requested.


  • Other job related duties as assigned.



  • Have the ability to work effectively with Native American People in a culturally diverse environment.


  • Have good time management skills, and be able to work under stressful conditions.


  • Have the ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with the public, employees, and agencies.


  • Proven negotiating skills, verbal and written communication skills as this position works with businesses, and a variety  governments, state, county, federal, and tribal..


  • Have the ability to follow written and oral instructions.



  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, and have a background in administrative program work, and legal procedures required for successful implementation of the ordinance and the TERO program. Name, courses, workshops, seminars or training that may apply.


  • Must have a minimum of one year administrative experience, including responsibility or knowledge of recruitment, and selection of employees in compliance with the TERO/and Indian Preference Act.
  • Must have demonstrated knowledge of federal employment law, fair employment practices, tribal and Indian Preference laws.


  • Must have a working knowledge of federal, state contract, and grant management activities as they pertain to TERO, Indian Preference, and EEOC issues.


  • Must have a demonstrated ability to communicate with effectively with governing boards, management team members, and professional colleagues, regarding employment practices.


  • Demonstrated ability to motivate and empower others, to make positive impacts on attitudes and self-esteem, and to maintain effective working relationships with culturally diverse groups in a wide range of professional interactions.


  • Demonstrated ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw conclusions; ability to analyze and interpret an extensive variety of information, communicate findings and recommend solutions to the governing boards, managers, supervisors, and directors.


  • Must have demonstrated abilities to initiate and follow through on complex administrative task, manage time, and meet deadlines.


  • Must possess a California driver’s license, a good driving record, and be insurable by the PRT insurance carrier.


  • Adhere to all PRT policy including confidentiality.


  • Must successfully pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening, and be willing to submit to a criminal background check.