XL Ranch Manager – Updated

Department:  XL  Ranch

Position:          XL Ranch Manager

Supervisor:     Tribal Administrator

Supervises:     Ranch irrigation, fence, sawyer, brusher, General Laborer

Salary Range   $16.00 – $20.00

 Position Summary:

The Ranch Manager shall direct and oversee all ranch activities, including coordinating all projects with federal and state government agencies. The Ranch Manager must be able to communicate with the Tribal Government, appropriate committees and tribal staff effectively. Must be able to write and interpret financial and administrative reports, demonstrating organizational abilities, as well as financial and narrative planning skills.

 Specific Responsibilities:

  1.  Develop year to year proposals, budgets for ranch operation.
  2. Communication with ranch and finance regarding contracts and grants.
  3. Seek funding for through grants, and other sources for ranch projects
  4. Participation in federal, state, and local stakeholder issues and partnership meetings.
  5. Must be able to plan and deliver annual budgets to the Tribal Council.
  6. Must be able to communicate verbally to large audiences, as well as write effective narratives.
  7. Must be able to write grants as well as demonstrate grant/contract administrative skills.
  8.  Supervise all ranch staff including general labor, manage and coordinate all hiring, training and travel requirements.
  9. Quarterly and annual financial status reporting.
  10. Achieve and maintain government reporting clearances
  11. Maintain ranch operations, grant, contract, and ARRA reporting data bases.
  12. Secure all applicable MOU’s with all participating governmental entities.
  13. Evaluate ranch operations, and opportunities for program cost share and other grant programs.
  14. Ensure timecards are completed and accurate
  15. Monitor and report on all operations and special projects.
  16. Day to day supervision to ensure all assignments are completed.
  17. Prioritize relevant issues for ranch operations and work plan activities, crew labor schedules.
  18. Other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements

  1. Skills to support a multi- disciplinary background
  2. Must have supervisory and grant contract administrative skills
  3. Experience with overall Ranch Management, coordinating and delegating duties, planning; ability to understand and address the needs of the residents, Tribal Council and the tribe as a whole; ability to analyze and work with livestock, range and irrigation issues; good communication skills, ability to treat everyone fairly, non-political and no conflict of interest; solid written and oral communication and computer skills as well as applicable software; solid organizational and team building skills.
  4. Ability to read and understand standard  project documentation; proven ability to work on several projects simultaneously and under tight schedules; ability to write reports; familiar with local, state, and federal laws, and tribal policies; ability to follow through with tasks, and be accountable; Bachelor of Science preferred professional licenses, certificates and experience will be considered. Strong ranching and or livestock background is preferred.
  5. Valid California driver’s license
  6. Reliable vehicle for position use
  7. Proof of insurance meeting tribal policy
  8. Must pass a background check
  9. Must pass a pre-employment drug test

Indian Preference:

Preference given to qualified Native American under the Federal Indian Preference Act,(43CFR, 17.3 {d}

For applications and to send a resume contact Charles White @ administrator@pitrivertribe.gov or call 530-335-5421 EXT 1201