Day Care Aide (On Call)



Department:              Day Care


Supervisor:                Day Care Coordinator


Position:                     Day Care Aide – On Call


Supervises:                 None


Salary:                        Grade 2                                              Classification:  Non-Exempt


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Provide direct care and supervision of children as directed by Day Care Coordinator or the Acting Director in his / her absence.
  2. Have direct contact and communication with parents and / or guardians of children enrolled.
  3. Assist in the development of program content and curriculum with the ability and desire to be involved in all aspects of childcare from infancy through twelve years old.  Must be sensitive and caring to infant’s and children’s needs.
  4. Carry out activities in compliance with licensing regulations and Quality Assurance standards, interacting with all children, all ages in all activities.
  5. Transport or walk children to and from home, bus stop, activities, and health appointments as needed.
  6. Other duties as assigned by Day Care Coordinator.


Educational Requirements:


  1. High School graduate or GED Certification.
  2. Current participant in an occupational program conducted by an accredited high school or college.


Health Requirements:


  • Day care staff shall be in good health, and shall be physically, mentally, and occupationally capable of performing assigned tasks.
  • Good physical health shall be verified by a health screening including a PPD tuberculosis skin test (or chest x-ray) performed by or under the supervision of a physician not more than one year prior to or seven day after employment.
  • A health screening report signed by the person performing such screening shall indicate the following:
  1. A person’s physical qualifications to perform the duties to be assigned.
  2. The presence of any health conditions that would create a hazard to the person, children, or other staff.
  • Must be willing to submit to and pass pre-employment drug screening test and physical.


Other Requirements:


  • Will be required to submit to a criminal screen as mandated by the State of California, Department of Social Services.
  • Pending receipt of a criminal record transcript and prior to employment or at initial presence in the facility all staff shall sign a statement under penalty on a form provided which contains either of the following:
  1. A declaration that he / she has not been convicted of a crime, other than a minor traffic violation.
  2. Information regarding any prior convictions of a crime with the exception of any minor traffic violations.
    1. If a person have been convicted of a crime other that a minor traffic violation, he / she shall also acknowledge that his / her continued employment is conditioned on approval of Pit River Tribe.
  • Possess a current CPR card.
  • Valid California Driver’s License.
  • Preference will be given to Native American in accordance with P.L. 93-638.

Makala Portis
Munik Chun Daycare Coordinator
(530)335-5421 ext 1206