The Pit River Tribe Roads Department receives annual funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), these funds are allocated to the Tribe from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). Roads that are within the Tribe’s ancestral boundary (100 mile square) that are eligible and approved by BIA can be added to the Tribe’s roads inventory and can be maintained by the Roads Department. Additionally, employment and training opportunities are provided to Tribal members in road construction, maintenance, and heavy equipment operation. The Roads Department hires at least five to ten temporary crew members every summer for road maintenance and construction.  

What it does:

The Pit River Tribe Roads Department’s goal is to provide safe, adequate transportation and public access to and within Indian Reservation, Indian Lands and communities for Indians. Roads Dept. constructs and maintains roads on our inventory such as leveling, paving, striping, installing culverts, drop inlets, signs, and snow plowing.


The Pit River Tribe Roads Department successfully completed the 7 roads project to community housing with paved roads, sidewalks and street lights on XL Reservation in Alturas, CA. We provided 12 miles of road access to Laure Dam using a Full Depth Reclamation technique. Other accomplishments include paving the Pit River Casino parking lot, Tribal Office parking lot, back of Pit River C-Store parking lot, Pit River Health service parking lot, Windy Point Road on Montgomery Creek Rancheria, and leveled and paved a 300’x 260’ lot on XL Reservation.  

Park Avenue in Burney was a joint venture between the Pit River Tribe Roads Department and the Shasta County Public Works Department with a $400,000 Rural Non-Motorized Transit Grant approval. Under this project a six-foot shoulder was paved on both sides of road. Street lights and cross walk with yellow flashing beacon lights were placed for safe access to clinic and Tribal Office. Currently the Roads Department is planning on starting construction on Hardin Road at Montgomery Creek Rancheria in the spring of 2021. The Roads Department also plans to start construction on Wamarii Way in the spring of 2022. This road will lead to the back to the 79 acres in Burney, where Tribal housing development is planned. In addition, the Roads Department has paved several roads for Tribe’s in Northern and Southern California as lead paver for the California Inter-Tribal Transportation Alliance.   

Contact information:

Roads Coordinator

36970 Park Avenue. Burney CA. 96013

Office phone 530. 335-4516

Fax Number 530.335-5481

Hours Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm (1/2-hour lunch)