Enviromental Department


The Pit River Tribe Environmental Departments’ mission is to work towards the Tribe’s goals of protection of the land, restoration of traditional environmental values, and the health and well-being of the Tribal members. The staff works closely with Federal, State and private agencies to ensure that the integrity of the natural ecosystem processes and traditional values are integrated into current and future management strategies within our area of influence, which would be our 100 mile square.


The Pit River Tribe Environmental Department obtained funding in 2000 and for nine years has helped build programs for the Tribe, including initiation of a Solid Waste Program, a Clean Water Act Program, a Library Program and a NAGPRA Program (which is currently inactive). From these programs branched various other programs that are still active today. Some more key information about the programs biggest accomplishments were Designation of three Cultural Districts eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, (including Mount Shasta Cosmological District, Medicine Lake Highlands Traditional Cultural District, and Pit River Aboriginal Cultural District.) We helped coordinate Historic Properties Management Plans for the PG&E Relicensing projects, Medicine Lake Highlands Traditional Cultural District and the Pit River Aboriginal Cultural District. Coordinated various MOUs and MOAs, Participating Agreements, Tribal Ordinances, and departmental policies. All of which would not have been possible or successful without the help of the Cultural Committee, Tribal Council and various other participants.

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Environmental Coordinator

36970 Park Ave. Burney, Ca. 96013

Office Phone: (530)335-1118

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Monday thru Friday 8:00am-5pm (with lunch hour 12-1pm)